Cervivor is an organization that has connected HPV-related cancer survivors and provided them a platform to share their experience and story.  We've collected a few of their stories to share here.  Visit Cervivor to read more testimonials and stories from people affected by HPV-related cancers. For video testimonials visit CervivorTV.



Michelle's Story

Michelle was diagnosed with Adno Carcinoma of the Cervix and told she'd have to have a radical hysterectomy before she was thirty years old.  Through surrogacy, Michelle and her husband were able to have a child years after Michelle's battle with Cancer.  Watch Michelle's story to understand why she chose to vaccinate her daughter against HPV and provide potentially life-saving protection!  

Angel's Story

Angel used dance, positivity, and spirituality to get through her battle with Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stage 2B.  Watch Angel's story for some insight into the effect an HPV-related cancer diagnosis has.  

Sierra's Story

Sierra battled through Cervical Cancer and Chemotherapy treatment.  Watch Sierra's story to learn how she battled through and came through stronger.  HPV-related cancer tried to take her body, but she fought back hard and won!

Frank's Story

Frank was diagnosed with HPV-derived Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his left tonsil when he was 45-years old.  Watch Frank tell his story of how having cancer affected every part of his life and the emotional impact that a cancer diagnosis has.  Cancer affects men and Oropharyngeal cancers are growing even more prevalent every year.  "It's a problem that anyone and everyone can have and the consequences are huge!"  Learn about how Frank has taken his experience and now advocates for the HPV vaccination for adolescents and young adults. 

Carol's Story 

Cancer took so much from Carol but she keeps counting her sunny days.  "With a Cervical cancer diagnosis, your days can be so dark.  You have to just hold onto some sunshine".  Learn about how Carol works to change the face of cervical cancer.  

Scott's Story

"Scott, it's gonna be tough, but push through.  Just push through".  Scott was diagnosed with stage-3, nearly stage-4, HPV-related head and neck cancer when he was 49 years old.  Scott went through chemotherapy and was severely impacted not only by his diagnosis but by the treatment for his cancer.  "Pediatricians should, at an early age, bring up to parents of young males and females that HPV viruses are out there.  The chances of their sons contracting it at some point in their life are probably greater than we wish it would be, but it's out there.  Here's a way to prevent longterm issues, such as HPV-related cancers".  

Chellese's Story

Chellese is a cervical cancer survivor after being diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was only 29-years-old.  Chellese see's the HPV vaccination as cancer prevention and hopes that her own daughter will never have to go through what she did.  "There's a lot of things that I can't protect her against, but this is something that I can prevent".  Watch Chellese's story for more on how you can protect yourself and your children.