Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University joins 70 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers in endorsing the goal of eliminating cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The centers, along with the American Cancer Society, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and other national organizations, issued a joint statement calling for HPV vaccination of more than 80-percent of males and females ages 13-15 by 2020.

THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH, as part of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium, envisions a future in Georgia that is free from cancer deaths and cancer-related health disparities. Cancer impacts all persons in Georgia, and though progress has been made, its toll on the state, remains significant.

The overarching goal of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium is to  save every possible life and eliminate disparities in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and access to care. 

Cancer Pathways promotes community awareness of cancer prevention and education. Cancer Happens® is a cancer education and risk reduction program offered, free of charge by Cancer Pathways to adolescents in middle, high school classrooms and youth organizations, such as the Girl Scouts. Cancer Pathways addresses barriers faced by teens in accessing and understanding empowering steps they can take to prevent and reduce their own risk of cancer as well as that of their loved ones (e.g., HPV immunization, smoking and vaping cessation, physical activity and nutrition). The content for Cancer Happens® is regularly updated to reflect national guidelines on cancer risk reduction and prevention. In addition to in-person student-engagement, via Cancer Pathways trained health educators, Cancer Pathways provides an option for teachers to be trained on how to use the Cancer Happens® e-learning program for their own classrooms. 


Uniting Cancer Resources from Northeast Georgia to the Central Savannah River Area

The East Georgia Cancer Coalition (EGGC) is a regional cancer organization anchored by Georgia Regents University, The University of Georgia and the medical community. The Coalition serves 29 counties of East Georgia. We believe that lives can be saved by education about cancer prevention and by early detection. Started in 2003, the Coalition is a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization.

The mission of the East Georgia Cancer Coalition is to reduce the number of cancer deaths within the coalition’s region by ensuring that all people receive cancer prevention education and information, early detection, referrals and follow-ups for appropriate treatment and that all people benefit from cancer research discoveries.

We envision the Coalition’s region in which there are no deaths from cancer due to a lack of cancer prevention education and information, early detection, appropriate treatment and access to research discoveries.

The Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition’s mission is to reduce the incidence and mortality associated with cancer by developing and delivering education and communications to encourage prevention, early detection, treatment and research programs throughout our region. The Breast and Cervical Program Manager coordinates tailored breast and cervical cancer health education programs and outreach in 15 counties across Northwest Georgia. Signature programs include a Mother-Daughter Dinner to educate families about the benefits of the HPV Vaccine, and an on-going provider education tool encouraging clinicians to recommend the vaccine to their patients.


The Cancer Coalition of South Georgia (now called Horizons Community Solutions) remains strong and continues fighting cancer in South Georgia – just as we have since 2002.

Our nationally-recognized programs and services better prevent and control cancer.  Right here. Right now.

We focus on:

Personalized health navigation. Promoting and facilitating cancer screenings. Assistance for local cancer patients to travel to treatment. Education and community outreach. Community-based research to reduce cancer risks. Survivorship programs.

We continue to prevent cancer and improve survival for the people of South Georgia.


The mission of the West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition (WCGCC) is to help “reduce the burden of cancer in the communities we serve” through education and navigation. Our vision is reducing the burden of cancer in the communities we serve, we are “neighbors helping neighbors”.

WCGCC was initially known as the “Columbus Collaborative” and was established in 2001. The WCGCC was uniquely established with a foundation around the public health system infrastructure, which made it different from all the others.  In June 2002, the former Georgia Cancer Coalition announced that it had awarded eight planning grants of $250,000 each through a competitive process, one of which was received by WCGCC.

Throughout the years, initiatives, collaborations and programs were initiated to include the Community Health Advisors program, screenings, navigation and education. These programs have evolved over the years through the strategic planning process and implementation. The dedicated board of directors continue to support all efforts of the coalition.

By continuing to execute our initiatives, the WCGCC has gained the support of local, state and national entities. Our work does not go unnoticed. We have been the recipient of many awards and recognition to include local, state, and federal grants, as well as corporate and foundation support.

Our plans are to continue making strides by educating the community about cancer prevention, empowering the community to make healthy life style changes through our outreach and prevention efforts, navigating clients through the healthcare system and connecting the community with available resources such as cancer screenings for the medically needy.

The Georgia Cancer Coalition (CGCC) supports and builds upon existing cancer programs and services. Our mission is to strengthen programs and services by elevating cancer efforts to the national standards of the American College of Surgeons, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and the Association of Community Cancer Centers, to reduce duplication among cancer related entities, leverage state dollars and maximize opportunities for private investment, adapt statewide efforts based on national standards to local communities, and reduce access disparities to treatment and services based on geography, race, and insurance status.


Prevention and Screening (early detection, diagnosis)

Breast Cancer License Tag Grant Program-covers breast care services for under and under-insured women in Central Georgia

The Susan G. Komen Grant Program-covers services ranging from screening mammograms to follow-up diagnostic services to excisions.

Prostrate Screening Summits

Cancer Education & Awareness

Communities Served

Central Georgia Cancer Coalition represents more than 650,000 people in Baldwin, Bibb, Bleckley, Crawford, Dodge, Dooly, Houston, Jasper, Jones, Lamar, Laurens, Macon, Monroe, Montgomery, Peach, Pike, Pulaski, Putnam, Telfair, Treutlen, Twiggs, Upson, Wheeler, Wilcox, and Wilkinson counties. 

The Everybody Counts Immunization Coalition is located in Savannah, Georgia and was founded in 1993.  The focus of the immunization coalition is to work together to improve immunization rates throughout Chatham, Effingham, Bryan and other surrounding counties in coastal Southeast Georgia.  

Cervivor is a community, a learning tool, an advocacy resource, and an online retreat for healing, connecting and thriving.

While everyone experiences cancer as an individual, we want to help survivors bring their collective wisdom together to create a community of advocates.


We know that everyone’s level of involvement will be different –

Some of you will be advocates among your friends and family

Others of you will extend out to your social networks and local communities

And then there will be the handful of you, like Tamika, who will want to change the global impact of cervical cancer, thinking about women across the United States, as well as women in countries around the world.

No matter how much or to what extent you want to get involved, we believe that each of you – each woman, survivor, advocate – has value and purpose in our collective commitment to ensuring that others do not suffer or die from cervical cancer.